This has got to be one of the better take downs of a political spin line that I’ve seen. “I think President Obama is leading,” she unsurprisingly said. “But unfortunately, you have a Republican Party that has decided that by saying no, they can, you know, perhaps gain more at the polls this coming fall.”… Continue reading Heh

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Craziest Attack Ad Ever!

You thought Labour’s ads were bad? Try this one from a California primary race. It’s one long, horrible train wreck. HT: Michelle Malkin.

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Being Conservative in the USA

Yesterday at Kiwiblog DPF noted that Independents are veering towards the Republican party. This is unusual – Gallup has the Republicans in the lead in their generic congressional ballot. For the first time, more people say Republican 48% to Democrat 44%. Why? The Independents. They are now splitting 52% Republican to 30% Democrat. This is… Continue reading Being Conservative in the USA

Palin Church Attacked

Sarah Palin’s church has been attacked. It seems that there is so much hatred of this woman, who dared to be a successful non-feminist woman, who dared to stand up and defend her values, her family, her beliefs, her politics…. …. that they are prepared to set fire to a building where innocent children are… Continue reading Palin Church Attacked

Ted Stevens loses senate race

Good riddance – if only the Republicans would take ethical standards as seriously as they should, this guy should have been gone many years ago.

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Watched “Recount” on Prime last night. If anyone thinks that is even close to being an objective, even-handed portrayal they need their head seen to, but first come to be, because I have a bridge going cheap. Tellingly, what they never mentioned is that the TV networks actually paid for a full recount themselves and… Continue reading Recount


Some Republicans are saying they were preparing to vote “yes” until they heard the closing remarks of Speaker Nancy Pelosi who criticised the ethos of Republican economics, which prompted them to change their minds at the very last minute. Senior Democrats are contemptuous of the idea that senior legislators would plunge their country’s financial system… Continue reading Bipartisan

Palin Rumours

Well, the list of Palin rumours has reached 71. He’s missing the car wash one. But I love this one: 47: No, she’s not from another planet. No, I haven’t actually heard that one yet, but you wait. Okay, I have now heard it. He’s quite humorous too 64. Yes, she did put the Governors… Continue reading Palin Rumours