Gingrich on Palin’s Qualifications

There’s this bizarre notion going around that Obama has more experience than Palin. (Never mind that Obama is going straight to the top job on day 1…) Some idiot had the stupid idea of suggesting that within hearing of Newt Gingrich. Such marvelously occurred Tuesday evening on the convention floor in St. Paul when MSNBC’s… Continue reading Gingrich on Palin’s Qualifications

Boot Murtha

Looks like one of the entrenched members is facing a real race this time. Oh, did we mention he was caught on camera suggesting he would accept a bribe if he could get away with it? Momentum continues to build for GOP upstart Bill Russell, who is generating conservative grass-roots buzz and cash flow for… Continue reading Boot Murtha

Defending the War On Terror

Patterico has an excellent letter written by Attorney General Mukasey to John Conyers, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. It’s good. I understand that you and some of your colleagues disagree with the interrogation policies that the Executive Branch has chosen to use in defending our Nation fiom another terrorist attack in the six and… Continue reading Defending the War On Terror