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“New Zealand’s own Rosa Parks” – excuse me while I go vomit

The arrogance is jaw dropping.

The group was met by MPs from Labour, National, Greens, Maori and Mana after marching from Civic Square.

The bill’s sponsor Labour MP Louisa Wall was introduced as “New Zealand’s own Rosa Parks”.

She told the crowd that the discrimination in New Zealand’s marriage laws needed to be amended.

She also asked church leaders and other opponents to be tolerant as the bill was debated.

“Please do not fear what this bill will do,” she said.

So an MP who was gifted a safe seat for life and puts up a silly bill that merely changes a label and gives no real new rights is compared to someone who literally risked her life, got arrested and lost her job to fight racism.

What an incredible insult to the civil rights movement.

Oh, and we’re all supposed “be tolerant” (translation: shut up and let us do what we want) while this lunacy is debated.

The “you know your place” implication is especially ironic in this context don’t you think?


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