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Stephen Franks makes a good point.

Faced with a choice of films this week I was surprised by a friend’s flat rejection of Sacha Baron-Cohen’s Bruno. He wasn’t interested in snobs laughing at ordinary peoples’ good manners.

I’ve seen parts of Borat and I wasn’t impressed. Franks’ friend is right – putting ordinary people in an aquard situation then making fun of them when they try to be polite isn’t actually that funny.

Cohen’s excuse for his last movie was to expose the way that people don’t stand up against evil (such as anti-semitism) growing in front of their face. By doing this, he told us he was trying to show people some deep truth about how the holocaust came about.

In reality though, he simply made a movie to appeal to people with the maturity of a 14 year old boy.

From what I’ve heard so far about Bruno, he’s done far more of the latter (while pushing the movie to brackets where only older viewers can see it) and destroyed any suggestion of the former.


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