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Saturday Night Video Humour

Wasn’t going to do this tonight, but I noticed some Tim Hawkins stuff I forgot to post a couple of weeks ago.

Heh, this one is a real insight into the mind of a small boy.

Saturday Night Video Humour

Rhys Darby’s latest ad campaign.

Saturday Night Video Humour

Tim Hawkins – found this guy’s stuff a few nights ago, and picked out the best.


Tuppence a Bag

Tonight, something completely different. I’ve assigned all the top blogs in NZ some from Mary Poppins.

Well, they just seemed to fit. Tell me if you agree 🙂

If Kiwiblog needed at theme song, you could do a lot worse that this one.

You know, feed the trolls, tuppence a bag. 😀

How about this one for The Standard – they’ve been having a go at capitalism lately and the ending would suit.

Go fly a kite” – sounds like WhaleOil

This one of course would do for The Hand Mirror

Tumke! for this one – the colour’s right and they’re such cheerful fellows.

Too accurate to be mine…

Spoonful of Sugar… must be Catus Kate.

Long words… that sounds like our resident theological doctorate.

ROTFLMAO – There’s really only one blog for this one!

Can’t forget one for FrogBlog. All that pollution, everyone in line (no deniers here!), and complete absence of reality. A character that seems a lot like Ian Wishart makes an appearance at 5:20. 🙂

A song of praise to Mary – can’t forget NZ Conservative.

Herds of black and white animals… sounds like a dairy farm.

Economics has that affect sometimes.

Ok, I’m out of Mary Poppins but this seems to be No Right Turn on so many levels!

Saturday Night Video Humour

Tonight: Some Bill Cosby.

Saturday Night Video Humour

Tonight: air bags of various sorts.

I’m at a loss to know how exactly this guy got the idea this might work. Has he not seen Wipeout?

That’s so high it looks dangerous. But fun. Lucky for you if you’re small.

What does a 1990 Ford air bag do in an oven?

…and a very large pumpkin.

Finally, one of the funniest Who’s Line is it Anyway skits ever!

Saturday Night Video Humour

Tonight: Rowan Atkinson

This one’s pretty good. Watch out for the cat!

Love this one.

Finally, some informercials for some rather dubious products. I mean, how’s that chair supposed to work?

Ok, one more. Prehaps given his opposition to the ETS Rodney should get one of these smart cars!

Saturday Night Video Humour

Sorry, it’s been a couple of weeks.

For no reason in particular, this weeks’ theme is videos where the punch line is “he’s gay”.

Finally, for those of a more conservative bent, we have a compilation of wedding disasters and fainting fits.

Saturday Night Video Humour

Tonight: Men doing stupid things.

Well, what else could you do?

By “grill” they mean barbecue.

This is not the sort of act where you want to make a nervous mistake.

More bloopers of various sorts – some pretty funny ones in here.

Saturday Night Video Humour

This week – vehicles that are just… wrong.

First, these guys couldn’t find tires that fitted, so they improvised.

These guys wanted a more comfortable ride.

Then, the single seat version. Looks like it might be electric too.

How about a wheelchair?

But why stop with just a sofa? Why not include a coffee table?

Top Gear did this in a car, but this is crazy.

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