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Sea Shepherd Approved Weapons

Stuff Reports:

Jason Stewart, the Aucklander who was at the helm of the Ady Gil during the collison, told TV3 that Bethune had been given the go-ahead to take the bow and arrows on board.

He had planned to use it to fire rancid butter into whale meat on board the Japanese fleet in order to spoil it, Mr Stewart said.

“It was never a secret that we were carrying bow and arrows on the Ady Gill and in fact we did have the full permission of the director of Sea Shepherd Paul Watson to be carrying those bow and arrows,” he told 3News.

Stewart said he thought the bow and arrows were allowed by Watson as he believed Bethune had originally planned to carry a firearm.

I have no idea the real reason why SS are cutting Bethune loose, but you can bet all your money that they’re lying about it.

Keeping stock confirms that this isn’t just a random disgruntled crewmember.

Not only has Sea Shepherd cut its ties with Pete the Pirate Bethune; the organisation has been totally dishonest as well. Sea Shepherd KNEW that Pete Bethune had a bow and arrow aboard the Ady Gil. Sea Shepherd filmed Bethune and his bow and arrow for its Whale Wars documentary. To now distance itself from Bethune and use that as an excuse is complete and utter bullshit.

Sea Shepherd has used Pete Bethune, and now that his boat has been sunk, with the attendant glare of publicity, Sea Shepherd is discarding Bethune like a dirty dishrag. We heard his estranged wife interviewed by Mike Hosking as we were driving to work, and she has indicated that Sea Shepherd is running Bethune’s defence in the Japanese court; that Bethune’s interests are not being best represented. That does not surprise us in the slightest.

So this is just one part of the “cutting loose” – they’re not sticking up for their man in our out of court.

Sea Shepherd is an organisation of zealots; eco-terrorist zealots. To Sea Shepherd, the end clearly justifies the means. The Pete Bethunes of this world are a commodity to Sea Shepherd; an expendable commodity. Whilst Bethune is still responsible for his actions, we DO feel a shred of sympathy for him in the way that he has been duped and used by Sea Shepherd.

Part of me wonders is that might be the whole point – to gather public sympathy. In reality, Sea Shepherd is more likely to be cutting their losses, and pretending that Bethune was a rouge agent in order to prevent the Japanese legal system from going after the wider organisation.

I don’t have any sympathy for Bethune. If you take up with ruthless people like Paul Watson, what do you expect?

DPF weighs in.

So Rambo Bethune has been kicked out of Sea Shepherd – rather astonishing.

It’s good to know that Sea Shepherd will at least draw the line somewhere. They happily plant limpet mines on ships and blow them up. They also happily ram ships and try to sink them. They also happily throw containers of acid at people. But a bow and arrow is a step too far it seems.

Getting thrown out of the Sea Shepherd Society for being too violent is like being thrown out of the Labour Party for being too academic!



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