Chris Trotter – Off the Deep End

David Farrar and Sir Humphery record the moment Chris Trotter lost it. I hope he read this blog on his way around. Actually, wastn’t that a few weeks ago when he said corruption was ok in government so long as it was for the benefit of the left? This is of course, yet another fiendish… Continue reading Chris Trotter – Off the Deep End

NZ Politics Today

Whale Oil is right, the gloves are off. Labour has the cheek to say on National TV “stop the tittle-tattle, and call the dogs off”. They have already and Clark dismissed it. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t a public pulling back, it was private. This, in my opinion, gives it much more credibility Don Brash… Continue reading NZ Politics Today

Too much Heat, not enough Light

Sir Humphery’s has a very thoughtful piece on the Pope’s speech. “Sitting here thinking tonight, it came to me what Benedict was doing. I’ve read the entire speech a couple of times now, and I think that what he’s doing is reaching out to us, all of us that live in the West.” Far, far… Continue reading Too much Heat, not enough Light