Don’t Leave Labour in Charge

Stephen Franks sums up the state of the government’s books so well. Just as in 1990 a National government is going  to have to do the unpopular tidy-up to get things working again. Quite apart from the budget blow-out there’ll be the management catastrophes in Immigration, Health, Defence, Corrections, De-forestation, carbon foot-print and Kyoto, local government… Continue reading Don’t Leave Labour in Charge

Post of the Day

Post of the day goes to Stephen Franks, pulling apart the decision of the Electoral Commission. A purposive interpreter might have assumed that Parliament intended to stop third parties acting under the influence of, or in collusion with, or congruently in campaigning with the party. Such an interpreter might have given a wide meaning to… Continue reading Post of the Day

What is it about Act MPs?

…well, Stephen Franks is a former Act MP. That doesn’t excuse this though. Hm, now where have I seen something like that? Does it say something that Rodney’s is a “smart” car?

One of those delicious reversable posts

Jordan’s blog is always good for a few laughs these days. This all fits in well with an agenda that swept around Wellington a couple weeks ago: that National’s planning a “Shock and Awe” agenda of following on the 80s/90s agenda if it wins the election, and then spending two years trying to get everyone… Continue reading One of those delicious reversable posts