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Illegal Donations to Obama

Seems that Obama is not quite as picky about following those pesky campaign finance laws as McCain. Mind you, McCain did write them, so he’s better follow them!

Jack writes to me about his experiment:

As an online test, a couple of hours ago I clicked onto the Obama website, entered my credit card details, and used a friend’s old New York address, which obviously did not match my UK Mastercard address.

There were NO checks on my citizenship. And the Obama site instantly told me that my $5 had been successfully processed.

There were no red flags about the addresses, no questions of citizenship on the Obama website in the offing.

Jack wanted to contrast that with the same experiment with the McCain website. He found a very different result.

On the McCain site, my credit card address has to match my postal address, and mine is in England. So that was out.

I also have to enter a US passport number as validation of citizenship if donating from abroad. Which I left blank, as I do not possess a US passport.

So although the McCain site instantly thanked me for my support, it did not indicate that my $5 has been successfully processed. No mention of that at all.

I suspect it will be declined when my details come to light.

Is this not revealing? The Obama campaign had absolutely no stops put into place with their on-line donation system to stop foreign donations from pouring in to his campaign. But the McCain campaign went to pains to provide requirements for a foreign donation to comply with FEC rules.

If you don’t believe homosexualitiy is not a choice, you can’t work here

Toe the line, or get fired. Seems society took a long time to realise the true value of free speech only to have the pengulim swing back and have it removed again. But these days it’s ok, because those evil conservatives are the ones being picked on.

Funny thing is, they think that by using “legal means” – excuses that are plausible under the law, that they’re different to those that went before.

You see, Crystal Dixon made the mistake of believing that this whole silly idea of “freedom of religion” also applied to our institutions of higher learning. She foolishly asserted in her Toledo Blade op ed that as far as her religious beliefs are concerned, homosexuality is a choice made by the individual instead of some genetic predisposition, that someone chooses to engage in homosexual activities instead of assuming that being gay is forced upon one by “nature.”

Of course, Dixon based her entire op ed on her Christian religious beliefs. It was no hate filled rant and was quite civil, even tempered, and to the point. But the gay mafia inside the University of Toledo must be awfully powerful. Or, at the very least, fear of them was enough to stifle — no, execute — Mrs. Dixon over what the president of UoT must imagine is her wretched religious extremism.

President Dr. Lloyd Jacobs dashed off a letter summarily firing Mrs. Dixon from her $134,383 a year job as associate vice president for employee resources.

There’s links to all the columns and responses, so judge for yourself if this dismissal is justified.

Update: Instapundit puts it well: “THEY TOLD ME THAT IF GEORGE W. BUSH WERE RE-ELECTED, people who spoke out on civil rights would be fired, even from university jobs. And they were right!

Heh, sarcastic sod.

Thrown in Jail for Selling Bacon

Where else but LA?

Stop the ACLU has video.

Teaching vs. Unions

Stop the ACLU has an inspiring video of how a failing school was turned around, in spite of the best efforts of the union.

This is why I don’t like unions – they are bully organisations who are only interested in protecting their members, even if that protection means that they don’t have to do their jobs.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and so have many others. In fact, some unions boast about how they’ve wrested control of an organisation from those who’s job is to run it.

Truly Disgusting

Stop the ACLU points out the Westboro Baptist “Church” will be protesting at the funeral of the slain Amish girls.

Why? The slaying of the girls was “punishment” for the Governor trying to curtail the behaviour of this “church”
Disgusting. It’s bad enough that the Amish get pulled into the problems of a world they are not a part of, but to then have a hate group descend on the funeral…

And before people start talking about the Religious Right, let me remind you – they’re Democrats.

Surely there must be good evidence to lock these guys up on the grounds of complete and utter insanity.


Stop The ACLU has an interesting article on interrogation.

A Quote:

 Indeed, torture does not work. Anyone, including someone with no technical training in interrogation procedures and/or methodology, can get results from anyone who has been subjected to enough pain, be it physical or mental: they will tell their torturer anything they think he wants to hear to make the pain stop, regardless of how ridiculous the answer may be.

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