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Taggers in Pink

This is one of the best ideas I’ve heard of recently. It reminds me of the spray can manufacturers who changed the “may cause death” warning on their frequently-abused product to “may cause facial disfigurement”. Apparently teenagers weren’t willing to risk their looks for a high!

Constable Theo Gommans said the vests, emblazoned with the word “tagger”, would make the offenders think about the consequences of their actions.

He had already seen a reduction in tagging offences since he began touring schools with the pink vest, he told Radio New Zealand.

Fantastic, answer a crime that’s all about ego with humiliation. Sheer genius.

But no good idea to curb criminal behavior can go unchallenged.

However, Wellington City Councillor Iona Pannett wants the pink vests banned.

She likened them to techniques used in Nazi Germany, where pink triangle badges were used to identify homosexuals in concentration camps.

DPF puts it best – comparing minor humiliation of criminals for half an hour and one of the world’s worst genocides is absolutely repugnant.


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