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Sorry about the RSS Feed

Those who follow this blog via RSS will have noticed that I’ve republished a number of my oldest posts.

This is an unintended consequence of a little project I’ve had in mind for some time, and have put off until now of going through all my posts and properly tagging them. Currently, the tags only show what I’ve tagged, as opposed to what I’ve written. So Sarah Palin is quite big because I made a tag for her as soon as she came along. But any number of things that I have written extensively on over the years don’t show up because I never tagged them – in most cases because there didn’t seem much point taking the latest 3 posts and leaving the previous 300 out.

Tidy up in progress

Well, as readers may have noticed, things have been quiet around here for a while.

As part of that, I seem to have neglected to keep my widgets up-to-date and this has given some visitors the impression that this blog is obsessed with certain things which it really isn’t.

It also seems that by keeping quiet for so long, I’ve become something of a “mystery” blog and forgotten by a few customers.

So I’ve gone through the sidebar and tidied it up a bit, and may to a bit of tweaking over the next few days.

For now, I present this video.

No Video Humour

Sorry, no video humour tonight. It’s one of those things that I’ve found (in spite of it’s origions) that I like to do without any pressure – i.e. well beforehand.

Last weeks was in fact compliled 2 weeks earlier but not quite finished (as I noted, I hadn’t watched one of the videos).

I’ll see if I get time for next week.

On Twitter

Like Patterico said last year, I finally “get” twitter. See here.

As I noted previously “ScrubOne” is taken, so as per my YouTube account, I am “@ScrubOneHD“.

Hmph. I already have one (spam) follower. That’s just wrong.

A Blogger, a Blog

I need a corporal. You’re it, until you’re dead or I find someone better.

Jean Rasczak, Starship Troopers

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It’s over, for now.

Well, I’ve decided to shut up shop – for a while anyway.

I need to focus on other things, and to do that I need to stop spending so much time here.

Thanks for reading.

Blog Icon

Well, I’ve finally got the blog icon working – in a good browser it should be showing right beside the url.

Here’s the larger version

It references the “under construction” signs that you used to see on every website in the mid to late 90’s, but forms the letter “H”, for Halfdone.

It’s always the last, stupid thing you try!

Gr. Youtube has been doing funnies on my computer over the last couple of days.

Any page on their site was showing as text only, with an image showing instead of the video. In blogs, there’d be thing big blank where the video should be.

I tried everything. Flushing cache, reinstalling flash (multiple times), different brower (still broken in IE). After hours of searching, I finally tried rebooting the router.

And now it works. Yay.

Always the last thing you can think of…

Now I can again watch funny and/or thought provoking videos posted by random people I’ve never met.

Theme Changed

Saw there was a new theme on, so I thought I’d try it.

Break Time

I’ve decided to take a break.

I expect that this will involve me not posting for a few days, then some light blogging after that. But we’ll see – I might close up the shop for good. Maybe I’ll move to a proper site. Who knows.

I’ve often struggled with blogging. I’ve found the conflict between being an entertaining blogger and a reasonable one to be a bit much recently. I’ve long found that if I think too much about something I won’t publish it, but on the other hand, I want to express considered opinions that won’t be demolished by the first critic that comes along. Keeping tab of hundreds of issues is also extremely distracting, and I could point to several major issues that I’m simply not as up-to-speed as I’d like to be.

I was pondering this conundrum over lunch. When I returned to my computer, I pulled up Wikipedia and read this

Writers of both Batman and Superman stories have often compared the two within the context of various stories, to varying conclusions. Like Superman, the prominent persona of Batman’s dual identities varies with time. Modern-age comics have tended to portray “Bruce Wayne” as the facade, with “Batman” as the truer representation of his personality[106] (in counterpoint to the post-Crisis Superman, whose “Clark Kent” persona is the ‘real’ personality, and “Superman” is the ‘mask’).[107][108]

One of those things to think about.

I’m not really sure if this blog is worth anything. Yet people are reading it. the first is a reason to walk away, but the second is a reason to stay. So I’m taking a break for a while.

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