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Latest Polls

Whale Oil sums up the latest polls.

TVOne Colmar Brunton has National leading by a massive 26 points

National 55%

Labour 29% down a massive 6%

Greens 7%

Maori 2.5%

Winston First 4.4%

ACT 1.2%

John Key eviscerates Clark 36% to 28%

TV3 Poll has National leading by 15%

National 50% up 2%

Labour 35% down 3%

Greens 5.8%

Maori 2%

Winston First 3.9%

ACT 1%

John Key slays Clark 35% to 29%

I must have another look at the reports last night, the comments were priceless.

Labour really is now just warming the seats for the next goverment. There can be no doubt whatsoever that New Zealand will never re-elect them, no matter what they promise. Click  here for an illustration ;).

I wonder if this has anything to do with it?

2 Absolute Power: The Helen Clark Years,
Ian Wishart
(Howling at the Moon)

I have to say, no. 1 at the moment is a crock. (Seriously, it’s 100 Ways to Use Slow Cookers and Crockpots)

Heh, and look at the title holding the fiction slot!

2 Is She Still Alive?

Tessa Duder,
(HarperCollins NZ)

Well Tessa, I’m going to say “only just”.

Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence

Hm, not good, lowest in 4.5 years, and easily the steepest dive in that time.

This graph from The Hive actually looks better that the original.

Ok, Now the Fat Lady Has Sung!

I seem to recall the PM telling us that only one poll mattered. That’s the tv3 poll.

Screenshots thanks to WhaleOil.


This reminds me of a certain post last year…


It’s not true till the fat TV3 lady sings

DPF notes today’s polls. Boy, that is an ass whooping!

The bad news for Labour is the Morgan poll taken from 4 to 17 February which has National’s lead grow from 9% to 19%.

The worse news is the Fairfax/Neilsen poll taken from 13 to 19 February which has National’s lead grow fromhelen 2 5% (in Nov) to a staggering 23%.

Key also leads Clark as Preferred PM by a huge 15% – 44% to 29%.

Also worth noting that most of the damaging Owen Glenn stuff happened after these polls concluded!

As Clark says, only the TV3 poll is worth anything, so I guess we’ll have to wait for that to order the tombstone.

Seriously though, they were speculating on the radio news before that Helen might find a way out of this one. I dunno about that, she’s had a few months already. Fact is that the baggage is now weighing heavily, those years of delaying problems with long-winded but narrow inquiries have come to roost.

Plus of course, after 9 years your strategy of blaming the previous government for all ills of mankind actually starts to make you look worse.

I guess a new round of ordinary parents being told they’re violent offenders who can’t be trusted to love their children didn’t help either.


Well, we now have over 500 spam comments. Break out the bubbly.

The Key to success is not Photoshop

There once was a man named John Key

Leader of National he was hoping to be

National went up in the polls

Will Don and John switch roles?

For that one we’ll have to wait and see

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

There once was a party called Labour

They weren’t exactly the month’s favourite flavour

‘Cause in the polls they went down

And it made Helen frown

Good thing Photoshop is her neighbour 😛

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