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I agree with Roarprawn

But then we watched Close Up and we lost every smidgen of sympathy and respect we had left for him. He showed a very dirty vindictive streak. So, yes he waited too long for justice , yes it is hard for ” famous people to have a ” normal ” life but shit you do not under any circumstances after saying that you did not hate the victim and wished her well – then launch into this tirade .

Meanwhile, on TV ONE’s Close Up, Veitch was asked about speculation that his legal team had “some dirt on her” that led to the plea bargain.

Veitch replied: “I did some investigating … I went and I dug and I went through records and I went through discovery and do you know what? I had a good time and I found stuff. So you are talking about dirt, (I am talking about) evidence.”

Sorry Veitchy, humility, and a face that really looks like it means sorry would have been good. Instead with that one statement, you showed you were a nasty vindictive little prick.

I don’t see a lot of humility in Veitch’s statements either. His statements seem to be along the lines of “it was a difficult situation for both of us” or “it wasn’t me and it wasn’t her”. Not that I’ve been keeping close track, but a truck load of “it’s all my fault, I did a terrible thing and I’m sorry” would be in order.

Then there’s this thing of character references being miss used. It now looks like references were deliberately edited so they could be used in court. I’m no lawyer, and those making the statements seem to have been a bit silly, but it seems like someone has committed a pretty serious crime here.

Game of two halves is funny. But it seems to be a reflection of many under 50’s people, particularly men, who simply refuse to act with maturity and self control. You know the ones – still running around in their 30s and 40s in the same irresponsible and self gratifying way that they did when they were 20. It’s an attitude that many on benefits share, leaving their children in the hands of their parents while they drink and do drugs.

It’s also an attitude shared (dare I say it) by many bloggers.

And Veitch’s actions, in my opinion, fall directly out of that attitude.

More details on the Veitch assult

For whatever reason, the Veich story hadn’t really caught my attention.

Then I read this.

A source said Veitch threw Kristin Dunne-Powell down a flight of stairs, then kicked her as she lay on the ground.

She passed out, and the source, who did not want to be named, said Veitch left her at the bottom of the stairs for about six hours before picking her up and taking her to hospital.

To me, that’s right up there with putting a child in a dryer. It’ callous, heartless and deserving of utter contempt. The man has no place among decent people.

I should hope he gets at least 10 years for what he’s done. It’s astonishing that he thinks that a year of counseling and $150,000 compensation begins to cover this.

Update: It has been pointed out in comments that this is a rumour. It is, and should be treated as such.

We forget this too often in our outrage over the apparent buy-off here.

Let’s let the police sort it out. I don’t think I’ll be posting on the topic again.

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