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Truck Protest Supporters – ignorant (so says the left)

If only we all know what the left knows, then we’d all support their choice for our rulers.

This morning truckies took to the streets, blocking roads and disrupting traffic in order to protest against higher road user charges. The protests reportedly met with public approval in Auckland, where they probably improved traffic flow. [They didn’t, everyone just wants a new government and are happy to see someone standing up against this one – S1] But I wonder if the public would have been so approving if they’d known the facts:

..Basically, the transport companies are just like the farmers – they want the rest of us to subsidise their profits. And on that point, they can just truck off.

Gosh, I guess if we just knew just how much trucks damage the roads, then we wouldn’t get upset at politicians breaking their word. Not to mention increasing charges to make their own business more competitive.

Is it just me, or do those things have nothing to do with each other. One would have expected the old rate to compensate for road damage. But you have to love this “reason”.

  • A 2005 Ministry of Transport study into surface transport costs and charges showed that truck drivers receive enormous subsidies, paying only 56% of the social cost of their activities, compared with 64% for cars, and 82% for trains.

So let me get this straight: every single road user is getting a free ride? Given large amounts of petrol tax has been siphoned off for so many years, that’s a bit rich. More likely is that we have yet another case of greens inventing costs to justify their ideology.

And didn’t the government just purchase trains because they couldn’t decide how much to charge for rail usage? So how exactly do we end up with 82%?

The Truck Protest

From Whale Oil

Says it all really.

TV One news reported that 20% of trucks in New Zealand – one in 5 – took part.

That’s a massive turnout.

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