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The Tui Billboards




Civil Servants – The Billboard


See here.

Says it all


Inspired by NRT.

Thank Goodness for That

One of the stupidest, most Stalinist by-law proposals ever has bit the dust.

Aucklanders who enjoy staring at Dan Carter in his underwear can breathe easier after a panel of commissioners rejected a council plan to ban billboards.

The panel will recommend the council allow all legally established billboards to remain but apply tougher conditions on new billboards.

Recommendations include tougher guidelines on location, height, size and lighting of billboards and tougher enforcement which could see non-compliant billboards removed or covered within 24 hours.

This waste of time and money was bought to you by the control freaks on the left wing of the Auckland City Council.

Labour takes one from Mugabe’s Book

(BTW, happy Easter)

Labour is following up on it’s promise to cut off all opposition funding sources.

Heck, do we even need to say more?

Of course, they’re fine-tuning the rules to make sure that their own funding is protected.

One does wonder why though. Presumably the suffer under the delusion that people who donate to National only do so if they can retain anonymity. They must think that because their poll numbers are holding, that the general attitude in the electorate is the same.

Keep thinking that Helen. Keep reminding us of how bad the opposition is, how evil. After all, there’s one other world leader who does that, and he’s soooo well respected.

Let’s see, how would that go on a billboard?



The Inevitable Billboard

Not a Ban

Not filed under humour, as lying this blatant just isn’t funny.

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