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Twitter protects journalists from karma

I’m loath to quote twichy. But they’re right on this one.

It seems that while plenty of journalists loved telling coal miners to “learn to code” when they were laid off, don’t dare tell the same journalists that they ought to if (when) they suffer the same fate.

And Twitter is threatening to suspend people who do.

Remember, this is the same twitter who refused to step in and stop a torrent of vile abuse towards children.

But more on that in my next post.

How about we actually let the court do what it does best?

Apparently there’s a “#FreeJahar” hash tag on twitter, from people who are just convinced that the man arrested in relation to the Boston bombings is innocent.


Now, I grant you this: it may be that the FBI and everyone else involved got it wrong. It may be that the police killed his brother out of spite or something. It may be that the evidence is manufactured. But here’s the thing.

We have this process to investigate and test evidence to determine someone’s guilt. It’s not twitter-based either.

It’s called the courts. Yes, they get it wrong sometimes. Yes, they get it badly wrong sometimes. But given the alternatives, let’s let this one go through the normal channels, shall we?

Of course, the moral of the story is clear: there are stupid people on twitter. Really, really stupid people. 

But you knew that, right?

Oh, and how deep does this stupidity go? Well, I’ll tell you.

A few people actually want the elder brother to be freed too. Yes, the dead one.

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