Christian Parties

Christian, and christian values parties didn’t do so well in this election. That’s quite understandable, the entire concept is tarnished badly. Graham Capill, Destiny’s antics, Field, it’s a mess. They most mainstream, the Kiwi Party isn’t a christian party, but that bases it’s policies on Judeo-Christian values. But they made several unimaginably major stuff-ups. So… Continue reading Christian Parties

TV3 – Objective Journalism out the Window on Smacking

Was watching TV3 at 7:30, and their news updated reported that the smacking petition had “failed” because “people cheated by signing more than once”. Quite aside from the fact that the petition has not failed, it paints those who signed as dishonest where reality is that all petitions have this. The real story here is… Continue reading TV3 – Objective Journalism out the Window on Smacking

Christian Parties

So as soon as the Christian party is announced, it starts to fall apart. In this case it is the fault of Destiny screwing around, but it was going to happen no matter what. Let me explain. About 15% of NZ’ers think they’d vote for a christian party. What they really mean is, they’d vote… Continue reading Christian Parties

TV3 Libels Destiny Church

Screenshot taken from the TV3 video page earlier. Of all the things Destiny was marching for, stopping freedom of religion was not one of them. If anything, they were asking for it to continue, as the alternative to a Christian state is an Islamic one, and Islam does not tolerate freedom of religion.

Christian Parties to “Clash” – Uh, no.

The Herald reckons that Destiny and Copeland will clash at the next election. Yea, like an elephant clashing with an ant. Destiny barely made more votes than they have members of their church. With a strong player like Copeland in the mix, they haven’t got a hope. Unfortunately, Copeland hasn’t too much either but he’ll… Continue reading Christian Parties to “Clash” – Uh, no.

CHP Shutting Down

Just heard on the radio that the Christian Heritage Party is closing down. It was pretty much inevitable after Graham Capill’s antics. The one good thing about CHP was that it made United Future look good, UF probably wouldn’t have succeeded if CHP did not exist, as they would have copped the flack CHP did.… Continue reading CHP Shutting Down