Voter ID debate – over.

For people who aren’t familiar, there is an ongoing debate in the US about presenting ID when voting. The argument for is pretty straightforward: if you want to vote, you should be able to prove who you are in order to prevent fraud. The counter-argument is less… calm and rational. Let’s let Idiot give a typical rendition with a local slant. Which is of… Continue reading Voter ID debate – over.

Who Wants Fraud Free Elections?

I noticed this on Patterico. Basically, a Democrat governor boasted in a speech that they had the police use stand-over tactics to drive away Republican poll monitors. Gosh, such nice guys those Democrats. They reached in their pocket, showed them their drivers license showin’ that they come from Rhode Island or Texas or some damn… Continue reading Who Wants Fraud Free Elections?

Supreme Court: Well, of course ID is needed to vote

As predicted, the Supreme Court threw out the ridiculous case against the law that requires voters to present photo IDs when voting. Duh. Can’t agree more with this one. “Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito Jr. concurred in the judgment of the court, but went further in rejecting the plaintiffs’ challenge. In… Continue reading Supreme Court: Well, of course ID is needed to vote