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Supreme Court: Well, of course ID is needed to vote

As predicted, the Supreme Court threw out the ridiculous case against the law that requires voters to present photo IDs when voting.


Can’t agree more with this one.

“Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito Jr. concurred in the judgment of the court, but went further in rejecting the plaintiffs’ challenge. In an opinion by Justice Scalia, the three justices said, “The law should be upheld because its overall burden is minimal and justified.”

Update: The LA Times puts in solid words another thought that occurred, that the other side may actually have the small resemblance of a point.

Through the 1950s and ’60s, the Supreme Court extended the reach of American democracy. The court asserted its right to review legislative districting schemes that reduced the voting strength of urban voters — mostly African Americans — then used that power to tilt society toward equality. It also struck down literacy tests and poll taxes, contrived by malevolent election supervisors to deny blacks the chance to cast ballots. Those rulings made elections fairer and broadened participation, and they comprised a noble history of overcoming powerful resistance, which dignified the court.

However, requiring all voters to showing ID is legitimate, unlike the “literacy tests” “(please read this Chinese newspaper”) applied only to black people. Then there’s the fact that about a thousand groups would be all over a legitimate case these days – times have changed folks.

Also note that the court has only a one vote “conservative” majority. This ruling was 6-3. Oh, and one of those is Black.

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