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Spotless – No Sympathy from Me

If a company agrees to increase the pay of the workers, it has to fork out. If you can’t pay an increase, you just don’t agree to it in the first place.

It’s unimaginable that Spotless is now backing out of a signed agreement. I’ve never heard of such a thing before, it’s an incredible act of bad faith and it disgusts me.

So I’m with the workers on this one 100%.  If the company employs people, they have to stick to the agreements they sign. So what if their costs are not covered, that’s the problem of Spotless, not the DHB, not the employees. If there’s a problem with the DHB, go to them, but keep the agreements you’ve signed.

Absolutely disgusting. These people deserve to get kicked out of their contracts. Let’s hope they do.


What do you see?

I see an economy in ruins, inherited from Labour no less, which took a long time to turn around*.

I see a good, solid recovery with low inflation.

Then Labour takes power, and after an initial stumble things take off.  That’s in large part because they took their eye off the inflation ball.

What that means is that that graph can go as high as you please, but the effects of it are neutralised by our current high inflation and interest rates. Wages are only growing slowly in real terms, and what’s left is swallowed up by high interest rates.

Finally,I see another attempt by the left to convince themselves that they’ve done a much better job than National, that not screwing up makes them better than the very hard fix-up job that National was left with, that all that corruption was worth it so they could stay in power just one more term so they could “help” people.

There’s only one category for this post.

*Let’s be fair though: they inherited their own mess from the National administration before that. But do remember, Helen was the no 2 during the 80’s Labour goverment – what does that say about their attempts to paint Key as the same as the 90’s? He wasn’t’ even in the country.

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