I guess that makes 3 vs 1

Owen Glenn’s assistant is prepared to back his word. The “he said vs he said” argument for inaction is quickly becoming obsolete. Actually, when you count Winston’s own words he’s contradicted himself so that is really 4 against 1.

Winston is F$$ked

Winston is done, done and dusted if nothing else, then for this quote. Bolstering Mr Glenn’s version of events, Melbourne Cup-winning horse trainer Paul Moroney provided an affidavit confirming that he heard Mr Peters thanking Mr Glenn for the donation at the Karaka horse sales in 2006. So that’s 2 people calling him a liar… Continue reading Winston is F$$ked

Hooton Blogging

We must really welcome Matthew Hooton to the blogosphere. His first post is very, very good. Peter, in various interviews, has said that he doesn’t give a damn about the possible breaches of the electoral laws and that his job is to defend his client on the more serious criminal allegations of fraud.  Worryingly for… Continue reading Hooton Blogging

You have to be Joking

I know everyone else is saying the same thing, but I simply can’t pass up this one. “We have been the most open political party in New Zealand’s history, when it comes to disclosing trusts.“ That’s from Dail Jones, former president of New Zealand First. Why would you even bother saying something that is so… Continue reading You have to be Joking

Stuff I missed

Ok, I know people who read this blog as their main source of NZ political news. So for those people, I missed blogging on these issues. 1. Electoral Commission chief Helena Catt has said publicly that the Electoral Finance Act has a “chilling effect” Sort of odvious, yet some people have trouble grasping the concept.… Continue reading Stuff I missed

Winston Gone

In case I didn’t mention it, Winston has stepped down from his portfolios. But he’s getting a pretty sweet deal. Reminds me of the millionaires who commit a crime and get home detention. As I understand it, Helen Clark has suspended Winston Peters only from his portfolios, but not as a Minister. In other words… Continue reading Winston Gone

Winston to be Fired?

Queen Bee thinks so. No sources are given. No reason why he won’t be really. The last confidence and supply vote has already been taken, the only thing left is the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Parlimentary All Time Low – And it’s under Labour

Didn’t Labour promise a new standard in Parliament? Well, they certainly achieved that today. this country has never seen anything quite this disgraceful. Rodney Hide was trying to ask the PM if she still did not tolerate corruption. (Apparently she doesn’t.) That was fine, but when Hide tried to ask suplumentary questions, Winston inturrepted with… Continue reading Parlimentary All Time Low – And it’s under Labour