NZ First Paid?

Just heard on the news that New Zealand First has paid up. But then it sounded like they’d distributed money to charities instead. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

NZ First Drops Racist Policy, Now Hates All Non-New Zealanders

NZ First is a joke. Today they spoke out against Canadians owning Auckland Airport, and Brits buying farms. While Federated Farmers says there is nothing to fear from the British influx, New Zealand First is concerned it will further inflate farm prices and lock young Kiwi farmers out of the market. “New Zealand farmers have… Continue reading NZ First Drops Racist Policy, Now Hates All Non-New Zealanders

We are not the same but we all want something more.

I was watching a mother duck and her 12 ducklings. The mother duck appeared so confident in her abilities as a mum. I was impressed of how in control of the situation she seemed to be. Maybe it just comes with the territory of being a duck. I don’t really know all that much about… Continue reading We are not the same but we all want something more.

Winston Praises Destiny

Winston Praises Destiny From the “Really Unexpected” department. He departed from official speech notes yesterday at the NZ First annual conference on Auckland’s North Shore to praise Destiny Church members for their responsibility and commitment to their families. Mr Peters said many members had turned their lives around since joining the church.   They had… Continue reading Winston Praises Destiny

Exclusive Brethren Schools Save Government Money

I was surprised to find this on NZ First’s site earlier today. “Because the total pool of funds for independent schools has been capped at $40m, the enrolment of 1300 students into these schools has not cost the government a cent. Instead all that has happened is that the per capita funding for other independent… Continue reading Exclusive Brethren Schools Save Government Money

Winston, Why are you Still Here?

Winston embarrassed himself majorly on TV tonight. DPF describes this as a lack of gravitas. Well put. Frankly, this guy is so off-tune as Foreign Minister it’s long beyond funny. You have to wonder why Helen is keeping him. I mean, does Helen Clark really want this county’s reputation dragged though the mud by this… Continue reading Winston, Why are you Still Here?

Stolen Emails

DPF points out that: In the USA a candidate found to be in possession of materials taken from an opposing candidate is pilloried if they do not immediately return them. Quite right. It speaks volumes of Winston that he is quite happy to tell the world he is breaking the law for maximum political gain.… Continue reading Stolen Emails

Bringing Out the Truth (updated)

As if to re-emphasise my point of earlier, DPF has found Winston’s old speeches, where he sets out the policies he is now condemning. I seem to remember a blog some time ago recorded an interview with Winston that went something like this: WP: “National have stolen our policies” Media: “So does that mean you’ll… Continue reading Bringing Out the Truth (updated)