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X Factor contestants labeled “worst attitude ever” – walk-offs and punches included

This has to be seen to be believed.

Competing under the name Ablisa, the duo were sweet, if annoyingly giddy, ahead of their big moment. “We just, like, wanna live the dream,” 18-year old Abbey said. “We just wanna get on the stage, be ourselves, show our personalities.”

That was probably a bad idea. Before they even started singing Lisa told the audience to shut up, and Abbey stormed off stage. Following their painful rendition of Shayne Ward’s That’s My Goal, Abbey explained to Simon that his opinion doesn’t actually matter. Even the normally acid-tongued Cowell was taken aback.

“You have the worst attitude of any contestants I have ever met on any of these shows,” he said. “Seriously, seriously rude.”

So they turned nastier.

When guest judge Natalie Imbruglia said  Ablisa’s singing “was not great,” Lisa bit back.

“Who are you, may I ask?”

Clearly embarrassed, Abbey punched her best friend in the face as they exited stage left, and Lisa shot the audience a birdie.

It is really funny actually. They have not the faintest clue how to act on stage. They managed to act so silly and unfocused (or maybe, self-focused?) that the audience got so sick of it and started booing them loudly.

Apparently one of them later blamed the other for “ruining her dream”. What dream? They were terrible!

Thing is, even if they had sung better than Susan Boyle, they still would have been unlikely to go to the next round due to their appalling attitudes. I have a strong suspicion that such a public fracas is going to have them end up in court.

Here’s the youtube.

Perhaps they should fly to Christchurch and join the student cleanup army. I’m sure shoveling muck for a few days would sort them out.


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