Zimbabwe Looking Up

There can be fewer good signs of progress in Zimbabwe than the BBC being let back in. Even better, they’re able to film the supermarkets that are now filled with food, after the US dollar was adopted. There’s still massive problems (the food is expensive) but things are looking positive. If you’d told me that… Continue reading Zimbabwe Looking Up

Mugabe One Sick Bastard

Robert Mugabe, Head Thug of Zimbabwe, was getting a little uncomfortable with too many foreigners coming in to help with the cholera epedemic his actions started. So, he declared that it was over. Mr Mugabe spoke as a district in neighbouring South Africa was declared a disaster area because of the spreading disease, which has… Continue reading Mugabe One Sick Bastard

Tsvangirai Out

As we all know by now, Morgan Tsvangirai has pulled out of the Zimbabwe Presidential run-off. A very hard decision indeed. One is glad not to be those shoes. I was reading the coverage just now, and it made me realise how many people would arrive at the polls and have to put their life… Continue reading Tsvangirai Out

Wife of Mugabe rival burned alive after having feet hacked off

Yes, that’s the original title – can’t really improve on it. This is what happens when your main campaign tatics is to give thugs a blank cheque. The three men who pulled up outside her house were looking for her husband, who was in Harare, and left before coming back an hour later to kill… Continue reading Wife of Mugabe rival burned alive after having feet hacked off

Zimbabwe – Second Round Delayed, Scrubone’s Predictions

Talk about transparent. He said that instead of 21 days, Zec now had 90 days from the day the results were announced on 2 May to hold the vote. This means the election should now take place on, or before, 31 July. The MDC has always demanded that the poll take place within the originally… Continue reading Zimbabwe – Second Round Delayed, Scrubone’s Predictions

Zimbabwe Presidential Poll Results

BBC has the results of the Zimbabwe Elections – officially. The long-awaited results of Zimbabwe’s presidential poll have been announced, with the opposition’s Morgan Tsvangirai winning 47.9%, forcing a second round. Election officials say Mr Tsvangirai beat President Robert Mugabe’s 43.2%, but neither candidate passed the 50% threshold for an outright win. Now the world… Continue reading Zimbabwe Presidential Poll Results

Oops, forgot to pack enough fake ballots

Well, it looks like the Zimbabwe recount survived attempts to monkey it. Ms Frazer’s comments came a day after the electoral commission announced Mr Mugabe’s Zanu-PF had failed to regain its parliamentary majority after a partial recount of votes. The results were unchanged in 18 of 23 seats where recounts had taken place, it said.… Continue reading Oops, forgot to pack enough fake ballots

Zimbabwe – Why so peaceful?

If you’re like me, you’re wondering a few things about Zimbabwe. Like, why didn’t they use those results posted at election places in the last elections? If they weren’t there before, how on earth did they get there? The answer is buried in this article about Mbeki’s (SA President) largely useless “quiet diplomacy”. New openness… Continue reading Zimbabwe – Why so peaceful?