This one puts the Muliangas in perspective

Congo has cut off the entire country of Zimbabwe. HARARE, Zimbabwe: The Congolese state electricity company has cut off supplies because Zimbabwe hasn’t paid its bills, the official media reported Tuesday. The Congo power utility Snel was demanding at least US$5 million in arrears, the state-run Herald newspaper said. Zimbabwe, already suffering from lengthy daily… Continue reading This one puts the Muliangas in perspective

Mugabe given extra 2 years free

It’s largely slipped the news, but Zimbabwe has voted to extend the presidential term so the elections will be at the same time as parliamentary ones. I guess it’s easier to beat people only once every 4 years or whatever. And don’t even think about protesting.


Robert Mugabe was once one of Africa’s best leaders. Zimbabwe wasn’t totally up to western standards, but by African standards was pretty good. He was elected many times fairly. Then he started manipulating to stay in power. One thing built on another… Right now Zimbabwe is a complete mess. Hyper-inflation (bread is was last I… Continue reading Mugabe