Shellie Zimmerman takes plea deal

Legal Insurrection reports that Shellie Zimmerman has taken a plea deal on her perjury charge. She has to server 100 hours of community service, after which her conviction will be stricken from the record. Given the weakness of the charges against her, this doesn’t seem very fair. But then being charged with something you didn’t… Continue reading Shellie Zimmerman takes plea deal

That Zimmerman Perjury Charge

One of the consolation prizes of the anti-George Zimmerman lynch mob (let’s call them what they are) is the fact that GZ’s wife is being charged for lying about their family’s finances shortly after he was released on bail. And until today, I figured that what she’d said had been at least a little dishonest. I mean,… Continue reading That Zimmerman Perjury Charge

Juror B-29 – “George Zimmerman got away with murder”

Well, another juror has come forward from the Zimmerman trial, and she has given quite a different interview. I have not been able to find the full, unedited interview – and I don’t even think they broadcast one. To me, that’s important because this entire case has been about picking and choosing what information they… Continue reading Juror B-29 – “George Zimmerman got away with murder”

Zimmerman’s “9/11” calls

Patterico does a detailed examination of Zimmerman’s many 9/11 calls, calls that were used to attack him for reasons that didn’t make much sense to me even before reading this analysis. After all, he was the local neighborhood watch captain in a crime-ridden neighborhood. You’d expect him to be calling the police much more than… Continue reading Zimmerman’s “9/11” calls

Zimmerman Review 1

JOHN ALTHOUSE COHEN ON FACEBOOK: “Prediction: the Zimmerman verdict will lead to amendments to penal codes across the country to make it easier for prosecutors to win convictions, causing even more blacks to be incarcerated.” It’s almost inconceivable just how bad the trial coverage was. I even had someone last night who honestly was not… Continue reading Zimmerman Review 1