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Obama and Nixon Video Mashup

This has been sitting in my “drafts” for some time (along with a bunch of other stuff, some of which is the result of tip-offs).

Since I first saw it, Obama has completely changed his tune, calling scandals “phony” that he was previously calling “inexcusable”.


If you opposed Bush on imaginary grounds, you were a patriot.

Watch as MSNBC tries to cover for Obama’s IRS scandal. The left have used Obama’s skin colour as a weapon before, but it’s usually not anything like this this naked.

Thing is, during the Bush years, there were a lot of fears floating around about how him seizing power and such. All but a few of these were completely baseless, held up only by vivid imaginations.

On the other hand, when you have a situation like the IRS scandal, where the government persecuted members of the public who happened to oppose the president, you get this sort of response.


If you’ve lost Piers Morgan…

Watch the video – Piers Morgan is pretty much eating his (very recent) words re: the possibly of an american government being tyrannical. It was only weeks ago that he was scoffing at the idea in relation to the 2nd amendment.

Props to the man for recognizing he was wrong though!

One thing is sure though, Obama has a very serious political problem right now.


Obama Really Poor at Speaking

I saw this video at Patterico just now. His point is that the president is using marines to hold his umbrella instead of doing it himself. (Update: Yep)

Well, I’m quite certain I’ve seen Bush have that (in spite of these images) so I think that’s a bit of a beat up.

But I was incredulous at just how bad Obama stumbles around in these comments. He doesn’t even seem to remember who the guy next to him is.

Bush got stick for talking this badly. It seems that Obama’s solution is to never talk off-the-cuff – something that has been noted before.


Honest Trailers – The Hunger Games

This is very, very funny.

Also makes some good points – like, why is there no hunger in the hunger games movie?

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