Al Gore caught lying – again

Another silly lie exposed. Readers may recall my previous essay where I pointed out how Mr. Gore’s Climate 101 Video, used in his “24 hours of climate reality”, had some serious credibility issues with editing things to make it appear as if they had actually performed the experiment, when they clearly did not. It has… Continue reading Al Gore caught lying – again

There’s always a reason

It was interesting to hear today the reasoning behind the name suppression of the Rena captain and second officer. Apparently, it’s because we’re all so upset that someone might lynch them if their names were published. Well, they have been – just not here. So while that might sound like a good reason to give name suppression, it doesn’t work in the… Continue reading There’s always a reason

Oil spill Fisk

I was going to fisk this post. Ok, maybe I will. With the Rena now likely to sink and spill the rest of its fuel and cargo across one of our busiest ports and favourite holiday spots, its worth thinking about the future. Beyond the immediate cleanup, what policies can we put in place to prevent or mitigate such messes… Continue reading Oil spill Fisk

New ways to make the world a better place are being thought up every minute

…and occasionally some of them actually fulfil their goals. These wont. Then we take Auckland? The Occupy Wall Street movement seems to have spawned its own local imitators. First, we have Occupy Auckland, which is planning to occupy Aotea Square starting from Saturday. Then we have Occupy Wellington, which is planning to do the same to Civic Square and then the… Continue reading New ways to make the world a better place are being thought up every minute

Ngram Viewer

Interesting how modern technology can refute some modern myths. Like the idea some people seem to have that “born again” is some sort of weird movement that originates from the United States circa 1970.