Arctic Ice Loss being offset by Antarctic?

I stumbled across this today.  Taking all the world’s sea ice together, then – as opposed to focusing exclusively on the Arctic – the picture is far less gloomy than most media outlets would have you believe. [Gee, who knew? S1] Generally the world has between 15 and 23 million square km of the stuff:… Continue reading Arctic Ice Loss being offset by Antarctic?

Apparently this is news to some people: environmentalists exaggerate

Another for the “good news to ignore” file. London, England (CNN) — Animals that were thought to be extinct for hundreds of years may in fact still be alive, according to a new study by Australian scientists. Biologists at the University of Queensland examined more than 180 different extinct species, only to discover that a… Continue reading Apparently this is news to some people: environmentalists exaggerate

Tea Party Not Stupid

Michelle Malkin. Here’s another from Gateway Pundit. Another one again – how stupid are these people? Gateway pundit also reports: Yesterday, tens of thousands of Tea Party Protesters held attended rallies across this great nation… Not one was arrested. Also yesterday… Leftist SEIU thugs held one rally in Ohio… 25 were arrested. Speaks volumes really.

How Come this didn’t get media attention?

When some christian idiot says something stupid, the media are all over it. But when the leader of a South American country does, the silence is defending. Which is funny, because in many quarters, Hugo Chavez is quite the media darling. Oh, wait I just worked it out. Speaking of things unreported from Venezuela…

Merry Christmas

My thinking on Christmas is evolving over time, and this year I’ve been pondering on the parallel celebrations. On the one hand you have the secular holiday which is the focus of the year. It’s central figure is Santa Clause, the focus on family and presents. On the other, the christian celebration, which focuses on… Continue reading Merry Christmas

Helping Your Self

Nice to see a community solving it’s own problems rather than demanding a handout. The Clinton community, unhappy at losing its sole service station earlier this year, has rallied together to pump more than $150,000 of their own money into reviving the business.Petrol and diesel will be back on sale at the former BP station… Continue reading Helping Your Self

Sea Ice Back

Well, well. Seems that Sea ice that was rapidly disappearing… Arctic sea ice has shrunk to the second smallest extent since satellite records began, US scientists have revealed. The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) says that the ice-covered area has fallen below its 2005 level, which was the second lowest on record. Melting… Continue reading Sea Ice Back