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This is the sort of comment which Labour apparently allows on David Cunliffe’s Facebook page.


Not only swearing, but hateful attacks the Salvation Army. Would they allow people to talk like that about, say, Islam?

Then, I noticed this:


I left that last one in there for irony.

It’s a shame that the Problem Gambling Foundation has lost it’s funding.

But it’s quite another to try and weave a conspiracy into a situation where there is none. Ele Ludemann has a good post pointing out how Labour has tried to do just that.

This is the sort of stunt which puts voters off. But I’ve noticed that Labour has never been too worried about keeping their stories straight. I wonder what that says about their voters?

Update: It seems that the real reason they are upset is because the PGF is much more closely aligned with the Labour and Green parties than the Salvation Army is.

Reminds me of the screaming over making student associations voluntary really.

Update 2: Reading further down Kiwiblog I see this:

UPDATE2: Also worth thinking about how the PGF has reacted to the news they lost the tender. They immediately contact Trevor Mallard (no doubt through their public health manager who is a Labour Party candidate) and claim it was due to their opposition to Sky City. There are dozens of organisations out there who lose tenders when better bids are put in. Most don’t go running to Trevor Mallard to try and turn it into a political story. The fact they did so, shows how deeply political they had become.

A very poor choice there by the PGF, very poor indeed.

Here’s something you never hear people talk when they talk about “Gender Equality“.

I’ve discussed at length how men should treat women. I’ve written about the lessons I plan to teach my son; lessons about how he should love, honor, respect, serve, and protect the women in his life. Indeed, men need to respect women, and we, as men, are far from perfect in that regard.

Those posts — the ones where I call on us men to improve the way we treat women — tend to be very popular. They’re popular when I write them or when anyone writes them. Proclaim that women, mothers, and wives should be respected, and a chorus will shout ‘amen.’ …

But I’ve noticed that the corollary – a message about the respect women must give men, a message challenging wives and encouraging husbands – isn’t quite so palatable for many people. Disrespect for men has become standard practice. That scene I witnessed was sad but unremarkable; we’ve all watched that kind of thing play out a thousand times over. Men are disrespected by their wives – they’re disrespected publicly, they’re disrespected privately, they’re disrespected and then told that they have no right to be upset about it because they aren’t worthy of respect in the first place.

He goes on.

Disrespect for men is a joke to us now. A little while ago I stopped on the way home from work to buy my wife some flowers. As she rang me up, the cashier quipped: “Uh-oh, what’d you do?” I wasn’t particularly amused, but I chuckled. She continued. “I don’t know if this will be enough to get you off the couch tonight!”

Ah, yes, the old “husband is punished by his wife and sent to the couch” meme. I’m not sure if this actually happens in real life, or if it’s an invention of 90′s “all men are fat, witless, oafs” sitcoms, but the popularity of the stereotype is telling. Is this how we see husbands now? A man gets “in trouble” with his wife, she scolds him and puts him in time-out on the couch. Now he has to placate his alpha-bride by showering her with flowers and jewelry.

Men are painted like children or dogs. They can be shooed off of their own beds by their wives and sent to cower in the living room until she permits him to return. This is only slightly less offensive than the cliché of the sadistic wife who punitively withholds sex from her husband. “You didn’t clean the garage like I told you. No sex for you, mister! Next time, follow my instructions!

It’s amazing that, while we’ve been so focused on the status of women, we’ve allowed the status of men to be derided so universally that it’s a casual joke.

And anyone who thinks this isn’t having negative effects on society is a fool.


Sometimes the left’s lack of self-awareness is just bizarre. Take this one from NRT:

We like to regard Australia as a natural ally, our sibling-country which shares our outlook on the world. But it turns out they’ve been working behind our back to undermine our disarmament efforts:

So much for natural allies.

Hm, let’s see. What possible reason might Australia have for opposing our lack-of-defence policy? I mean, it’s not like we’ve ever thrown a massive hissy-fit of idealism which resulted in the smashing of carefully fostered defence links, is it?

Frankly, I’d be amazed if they weren’t doing this. With Putin on the rise, one has to ask, why are we?

If you want a good laugh at liberal snobbery, I commend this story to you.

The problem with Whole Foods is their regular customers. They are, across the board, across the country, useless, ignorant, and miserable. They’re worse than miserable, they’re angry. They are quite literally the opposite of every Whole Foods employee I’ve ever encountered. Walk through any store any time of day—but especially 530pm on a weekday or Saturday afternoon during football season—and invariably you will encounter a sneering, disdainful horde of hipster Zombies and entitled 1%ers.

Go have a laugh, I dare you.

It turns out (and yes, many of us already knew this) that there is no “wage gap” – at least in the word of IT.

Silicon Valley has long suffered the reputation of being unwelcoming to women, from brogrammer attitudes to sexist apps to gender inclusivity, but whatever problems women may have with the tech industry, wage discrimination isn’t necessarily one of them. New research shows that there is no statistically significant difference in earnings between male and female engineers who have the same credentials and make the same choices regarding their career.

So where do people get their number from when they claim the gap exists?

In his 2014 State of the Union Address, President Obama said it was “wrong” and “an embarrassment” that women are paid 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, implying that the pay disparity is due to sexism and gender wage discrimination. His careful construction elides the fact that the 77% statistic does not refer to “equal work.” That number is a Census Bureau comparison of the annual wages of all workers, regardless of occupation.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics show that when measured hourly, not annually, the pay gap between men and women is 14% not 23%. The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis prefers working with hourly wages, arguing “an incomplete picture” is cast with weekly earnings because women work fewer hours than men, “which would make a gap in weekly earnings between the two groups substantial even if their hourly wages are the same.”

So even across completely different roles, when you look at people’s hourly rates the gap isn’t as big as claimed. 

The magnitude and interpretation of the relationship between gender and wages remain in dispute. After adjusting for all the known factors, Corbett and Hill’s model showed an “unexplained” 6.6% difference in wages between men and women who are full-time workers. Conflicting data from the BLS shows that some women who work full-time have a wage premium, and earn 11% more than men. The tech industry is unique in its history of being “equal pay for equal work”: A longitudinal study of female engineers in the 1980s showed a wage penalty of “essentially zero” for younger cohorts and today, the two highest paying professions with wage equality are in technology (computer scientist and engineer).

Ok, so it’s not a completely simple picture.

But the idea that women generally get only paid at an hourly rate that’s 77% of that of a man with the same suitability (skills, experience etc) is complete and utter BS. We know this, and we’ve known it for some time. There are differences, but we know that they boil down to choices made by the individual employee, not the employer.

Ironic that those who have arguably won the fight are the ones who are so unable to admit they’ve won it. Maybe the real problem here is not employers at all, but rather people who’s politics won’t let them see people as free and rational, and able to make their own choices in life.

This is sort of funny.


I don’t have much time for Piers Morgan. But after reading this I’m starting to have some sympathy. 

The reason for his bad day centered around Janet Mock, a transgender woman he’d had as a guest on his program to discuss her new book Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More. That’s right, he was helping her sell her book. But that wasn’t enough for Mock. She reallywants to sell her book. So a week after the interview was taped, she incited people in the transgender community, who accused Morgan of being “transphobic” and mistreating her by explaining that she was male before age 18. The fact is, Mock was born a boy with the name “Charles” and had a sex change at 18. Her beef is that she “identified” as a woman her whole life. And yet, she still had a penis.

Go have a read. It’s impressive just how much outrage was generated out of a situation that was 100% supportive of the supposed “victim”.

Speaking of victims, the NAACP has come out in favour of a wife beater. Seriously. In. Writing. Oh wait, he’s a politician – politicians are allowed to beat their wives… wait, what?!?

Now that the Mass House is finally taking steps to expel him from their bodywe find out via Red Mass Group the NAACP has sent a letter to the Mass House of Representatives urging them to keep him.

The NAACP, New England Area Conference (NEAC), respectfully requests that the Massachusetts House of Representatives abstain from voting in the matter of the expulsion of Representative Carlos Henriquez, expected to come before the House today. In the alternative, Members of the House are asked to vote against the expulsion of their colleague.

Seriously, the NAACP, one of the oldest civil rights organizations in the country is going to bat for Carlos Henriquez? Why on earth would they do this?

This brings the whole “if you criticise Obama you must be racist” meme to a whole, new, sick, level.

And finally, we have the feminist movement. This is a movement that set out to prove that women could and should be regarded as equal to a man. Oddly, those same feminists are now loudly decrying a simple (ok, it’s really creepy but, you know, art and all that!) statue of a man sleepwalking as threatening… or something.

Oddly, there’s no outcry at the fact that women-only colleges still exist in the USA in 2014. 

It’s well recorded history that Michael Cullen, back in 1999, declared that anyone on $60,000 or more per year was a “rich prick”.

Later, he changed his mind, and changed the Working for Families policy to cover families earning up to $70,000 and in some instances $80,000. 

Therefore, that under Labour what was considered Wealthy rose by about $10-20k per year.

Today, Cunliffe declared that everyone up to $150,000 needed welfare. That’s a massive leap $70,000 leap.

Given that success, it would be highly irresponsible to vote in another Labour government. Why, at that success rate, another two terms of National would put everyone under $300,000 on welfare!

Readers may be familiar with the “investigation” conducted by Aljazerra into Arafat’s death.

Paris, France - Swiss scientists who conducted tests on samples taken from Yasser Arafat’s body have found at least 18 times the normal levels of radioactive polonium in his remains. The scientists said that they were confident up to an 83 percent level that the late Palestinian leader was poisoned with it, which they said “moderately supports” polonium as the cause of his death.

A 108-page report by the University Centre of Legal Medicine in Lausanne, which was obtained exclusively by Al Jazeera, found unnaturally high levels of polonium in Arafat’s ribs and pelvis, and in soil stained with his decaying organs.

Essentially, they say they’ve found traces of Polonium in his clothing.

There’s just one problem with that – it’s virtually impossible. Here’s a couple of extracts from the aljazeera themselves.

Ingesting just 50 nanogrammes, or inhaling 10 nanogrammes, of the substance can cause death. This means one gramme of polonium-210 could theoretically poison and kill about 10 million people.

Natural levels of polonium that accumulate on surfaces barely register, and the element disappears quickly. Polonium-210 has a half-life of 138 days, meaning that half of the substance decays roughly every four-and-a-half months.

So to put it briefly:

  1. Poisinging with Polonium would require a very, very small amount of the stuff to produce a lethal effect.
  2. Every 138 days, the amount left would at least half (assuming it didn’t get removed by other processes)
  3. Arafat died 8 years ago

See the problem here?

Legal Insurrection points to this guy who seems to know what he’s talking about.

So if you gave someone a microgram (1/1,000,000th of a gram), after 138 days there would be a grand total of ½ a microgram left in him (actually there’d be even less because some of it would have been excreted during the time the victim was still living).

How much would be left after 8 years? Well take 8 * 365 = 2920 days. Divide by 138 to get 21 half lives.

If we start with 1/1,000,000 of a gram and divide by 2, 21 times… I’ll spare you the effort. your calculator will give up and tell you it’s nearly(*) nothing.

Realistically speaking there might be an atom or two(*) but we’re down in the depths of very small quantum things so it doesn’t take a Heisenberg to tell you finding this is uncertain. The only certainty is you won’t be able to detect it above background, even in a low activity room.

So what does this stuff turn into? Mostly something called Lead-206 − 206Pb. Now what a lab might have done is look to see if Arafat had more of this than would be expected, but considering the poisoning dose of Polonium-210 is so low to start with, that would also be impossible. We all have a bit of lead in us, especially those people who were alive back in the days of lead in gasoline!

With the most amazing measuring equipment, in the most physically shielded room possible, you couldn’t find a piece of radioactive Polonium-210 eight years after it was made. Looking for some in an exhumed body or belongs is astonishing.

The decay products of Polonium-210 are not uncommon enough to look for either.

There’s no way on earth this lab found anything scientifically significant in the corpse of Arafat (hence their very cagy language).

In short, this is complete bunk. 

…Yahoo! answers some questions about polonium poison and informs us:

Swiss scientists say Arafat had symptoms commonly linked to radiation poisoning, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and liver and kidney failure — but not two other classic symptoms, hair loss and a weaker immune system.

While the liver and kidney were not reported at the time, “persistent vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pains” were. As any of the last pictures of Arafat recall, (see above) his face was still adorned with a beard at the time he was brought to France for the last time. Actually these symptoms would be consistent will gall bladder disease, and Arafat, at the time, was reported to be suffering from gallstones. Like the symptoms mentioned above this too was reported by the New York Times. Why didn’t the reporter see if there was anything in her own paper’s reporting that supported her current reporting?

Seems pretty conclusive.

But of course, you’ll always have people who are only too ready to believe stuff like this. Cos you know, Israel is eeeeevvvvvviiiiiil.


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