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I have not forgotten the blog.

have forgotten my blog password. And other things besides. But it seems I’m still logged in on my phone.

Merry Xmas anyway. Only 5 days in, 7 to go.


This interview from Sargon of Akkad came up on my YouTube. It triggered a few thoughts, which turned into this rambling blog post.

Sargon (Carl) talks about how his BBC interview was so intolerable to the elites that it had to be “balanced” by an actual communist.

Think about that.

While in the states we have a flood of unfounded claims of white supremacist/Nazis in/supporting the white house*, here is the biggest broadcaster in the UK, quietly and openly using someone with an ideology just as extreme to “balance” someone who is not extreme at all.

The mental mind flips to achieve this position are staggering. We’ve now got groups of people who look at the world so differently, one side can’t see it’s own extremism, while calling out moderates as extremists.

*The interesting thing about this is that usually, the people they’re pointing to are actually jewish – people like Ben Shapiro. So what you’re often seeing is anti-antisemitism masquerading as Nazi hatred. Because Nazis are bad, but… antisemitism isn’t??

A really direct (and much more confused) example of this barrenness a recent incident where young woman attacked a group of Republicans for being Nazis. It’s clearly visible in the video of the attack that she was wearing a hammer and sickle pin – the symbol of the Soviet state, well known for it’s own antisemitism and of course, it’s gulags.

Just to make this even more stark, she’s working for the Democratic candidate for Governor. I literally didn’t’ know that until I was looking her up for this post. So while people claim, without foundation, that Trump’s administration is filled with white supremacists, a Democrat wannabe governor is happy to have communists on staff.

The far-left student activist, Shelby Shoup, is listed as an intern for the Andrew Gillum for Florida Governor Campaign on LinkedIn and is a member of FSU Students for Justice in Palestine.

I could go on about Antifa and the increasing tendency for violence and intimidation and shutting down speakers that one disagrees with. But I suspect I’m preaching to the choir on this point.

The good news is that some people are taking principled stands. (Emphasis mine)

Actress Alyssa Milano said she will not speak at any Women’s March events unless Women’s March co-chairs Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory either denounce Nation of Islam (NOI) Founder Louis Farrakhan’s antisemitism or step down from leadership.

“I would say no at this point,” Ms Milano told the Advocate in an interview, when asked if she would speak at any future Women’s March rallies. “Unfortunate that none of them have come forward against him at this point. Or even given a really good reason why to support them.”

Ms Milano, who gained national attention for her participation in the #MeToo movement, said she is disappointed in how Women’s March leadership have been silent in Mr Farrakhan’s long history of espousing antisemitic remarks.

So what’s going on?

Well, it seems clear to me. People have picked sides, and only feed themselves information that agrees with their perspective. If someone on the right does something wrong, it gets circulated through the left’s social media, and vice versa.

This is actually a much bigger problem on the left than the right though. Trump divided the right by being immoral and rude. The right is now united again after the Democrats’ concerted effort to destroy Kavanaugh, in part because that situation showed that the left had very few limits to what they would resort to, to win. The left on the other hand, is not divided at all. It was notable when McCain died that people praised his “courage” in siding with the other side… but where are the examples of someone in the Democrats “courageously” siding with the right?

Which goes to show, the majority of the media is not just on the left, but today frequently engages in open warfare against people. Just ask Jordan Peterson or Candice Owens.

Occasionally, facts come up and poke through – such as with Milano above. In many cases (Candice Owens being a really dramatic example) these un-ignorable facts start a long process of taking a fresh look at the other side. But as much as some would like to think, that’s pretty rare.

But mostly, the result of these bubbles of information is that people just don’t have any idea what a moderate looks like anymore. And in the case of Peterson, people just don’t accept that there are more than two ways of looking at the world. (Peterson is frequently called “right” when he’s actually a classic liberal.)

So we end up with people convinced that anyone who disagrees with them must agree with all the bad stuff they’ve heard about, while ignoring the bad behaviour on their own side.

I don’t know how you fix this. For myself, I have been consciously trying to go with the truth, not what one “side” says is true. I’ve always woken up to Morning report – not because of it’s politics, but because they take more time and (tend to) get both sides – on domestic issues anyway. US issues, they’re absolutely horrible.

I’m also trying to not reject perspectives just because that person’s politics don’t align with my own. Sargon is a left-wing, liberal atheist and I do watch his videos from time to time. Timcast is one I’ve discovered recently, and I’ve been impressed by his commitment to truth over politics. And while I enjoy things like Twitchy or Prager University, I recognise that these sources are as likely to mislead me as anything from Democratic Underground or Mother Jones.

Well, that’s enough for now. I’m going to write another post about CNN, we’ll see how that goes.

So glad there’s a term for this:

In the legal profession and courts, a querulant (from the Latin querulus – “complaining”) is a person who obsessively feels wronged, particularly about minor causes of action. In particular the term is used for those who repeatedly petition authorities or pursue legal actions based on manifestly unfounded grounds. These applications include in particular complaints about petty offenses.

Querulant behavior is to be distinguished from either the obsessive pursuit of justice regarding major injustices, or the proportionate, reasonable, pursuit of justice regarding minor grievances. According to Mullen and Lester, the life of the querulant individual becomes consumed by their personal pursuit of justice in relation to minor grievances.[1]


See: Jami-Lee Ross, Brett Kimberlin, Bill Schmalfeldt…

Hat Tip Ratcake over at Kiwiblog.

‘Feminists’ Are Nowhere to Be Found.

Shocking, I know.



Glenn Reynolds reminds us of something we’d all forgotten:

I would have rather he picked one of the more libertarian members of his list: Willett, or maybe Kethledge. And because some sort of trumped-up #MeToo thing was almost certain, a lot of people thought he should have picked Amy Coney Barrett. Kavanaugh was a fine, safe pick, but kinda milquetoasty DC Establishment for my taste.

But that was the reason to pick him. Trump knew he’d been vetted enough that there would be no real skeletons, and he no doubt expected that the Democrats would be so desperate they’d invent some. They would have done that with anyone he put up — but, precisely because Kavanaugh was a milquetoasty DC Establishment type, seeing the Democrats go into full batshit assault mode on him galvanized the other milquetoasty DC Establishment types. You could see the lightbulbs go off in their heads: The Democrats don’t hate Trump because he’s Trump. They hate all Republicans and want to ruin them. Even me! And they always will.

The result is that the Kavanaugh affair has welded the Trump and NeverTrump forces (except for a few sad outliers who don’t matter) into a solid force. And it’s simultaneously galvanized GOP voters around the country, closing the “enthusiasm gap,” as the normals become more militant.

What the Democarats did was dumb. It was monumentally dumb.

Trump nominated someone who was ho-hum. He was ok, but he wasn’t especially strong and favored narrow decisions. We didn’t (and still don’t) know his position on abortion is. Hardly the sort of conservative that would really excite the base.

But the Democrats immediately sounded the alarm. They had things dialed up to 11 even before the decision was made. No matter who it was, they’d have said he was bad for women, gays, minorities and that guy on the corner minding his own business.

But once the hearing closed, and the Democrats realised they’d not landed a killing blow, they bought out the dirty tricks. They came out with one well-coached individual who (eventually – half the point was to sow confusion and delay) told a torrid tale of a vicious assault by a laughing Kavanaugh. Along with this, others came out and laid accusations that were even less believable. But they were snapped up by the Democratic feminist activist base.

But this didn’t fool too many people. Oh sure, even now many Democrats and their activists still act like they believe, and I’m sure many actually do. And some might even think that Kavanaugh’s anger at the tidal wave of false accusations is disqualifying, even though they themselves created that anger.

I’m quite sure there would still be believers if we had literally video showing all Kavanaugh’s weekend activities over the time in question. But we don’t and we just have witness statements to go on. And those witnesses are firm – no one remembers this happening.

But the reality is that these accusations were false. They were lies. They were concoctions that should never have seen the light of day. But they weren’t created to be foolproof, they were created to try to shake a few votes loose from the Republicans. And they did delay things a few days. But they were never going to do more than that.

We’ve seen the video of screaming, hysterical feminists in Washington. These are the woman trying to convince (if you can call screaming in someone’s face “convincing”) senators to “believe the victim” and take these tall tales as true, in spite of all the evidence.

So has the Republican base.

They’ve seen the lies. They’ve seen the lies exposed. They’ve seen more lies, and the liars doubling down even after the lies were exposed. They’ve seen the delaying tactics, and everything else.

The fact is, the House, Senate, Presidency and most states are dominated by Republicans. They are, because people voted for them. There was a real risk that those people might have forgotten the danger of a Democratic senate, or House. People who have what they want can be either discontent or forgetful of what it was like before.

Well, there’s no danger of that anymore. They’ve seen exactly now desperate the Democrats are to gain power. Because if they’re happy to throw such ridiculous accusations at a man like Kavanaugh, where will they stop?

So thanks Democrats.


Update: thanks for this too: Don’t Forget: Kavanaugh Probably Would Have Been Blocked If Democrats Hadn’t Filibustered Gorsuch

Offensive Content Updated

Hi Everyone.

In spite of appearances, I have been doing some work here. I’ve put up the second quarter of the Kiwiblog index for 2007. It’s an unfinished task… and I do like to finish things.

There was a lot of Section 59 stuff, not all of which was included. A lot of the major scandals were a bit played out and coming to their conclusion. Also a lot of griping about Labour’s inability to give meaningful tax cuts in spite of massive surpluses.


Tonight in the Herald:

John Banks took the frail hand of his old foe Penny Bright at her bedside in Auckland Hospital today and held it for a good 15 minutes.

“I haven’t met anyone with more fight than you,” said Banks, who knew he was in her good books when she telephoned and referred to him simply as “John”.

“Whenever you referred to me as John Banks I knew I was in trouble,” said the former mayor of Auckland City Council.

“I only keep good memories and I have good memories of you and when you called me John this morning, you made my day,” said Banks, who recalled driving along Quay St earlier this year and seeing Bright protesting at the removal of trees for a cycleway in the pouring rain.

But Penny had to be Penny.

Asked if she would take Banks’ advice and put things behind, Bright said: “Absolutely not. What has happened to me is scandalous and it can’t happen to anybody else. The big issue here is who is holding Auckland Council accountable to the law? It’s the Wild West.”

“What has happened to me” is that the council went throught the proper legal process to obtain the rates they were legally entitled to. She went out of her way to sabotage the process, which ironically would only have seen her lose out.

She really is such a small person that, even facing death, she can’t just let things go.

It’s sad really.

It has come to my attention that the list of NZ political scandals on Wikipedia is mysteriously lacking many of the scandals that occurred during the Clark years.

Even more odd, the list of non-Labour scandals seems remarkably complete, with wording that immediatly links them to the party… while the few Labour scandals that make the list often avoid mentioning the party.

Were someone prepared to make this list more… complete, I can think of one source that might be handy. I found myself looking through it recently and was stunned at how much was going on at the time. The Clark government really was well past it’s used by date after 6 years.



Sowell on the welfare stat

Tar and Feathers

Needless to say, I’m hopping mad about this.

blogged last month on an op ed by the Massey Vice-Chancellor, , which caused me concern over her views on . She backed the decision of Phil Goff to decide who can speak at an Auckland Council venue, and said that some of the Hobson’s Pledge campaign against special race based wards on local government comes dangerously close to hate speech.

She even went on to talk about free speech being a tool of colonialism that must be restricted.

We were right to be concerned. She has unilaterally banned Don Brash from speaking on the Massey campus. It is an appalling decision from a Vice-Chancellor as the Education Act states:

academic freedom, in relation to an institution, means the freedom of academic staff and students, within the law, to question and test received wisdom, to put forward new ideas and to state controversial or unpopular opinions

Her rationale for banning Brash is disingenuous:

The members later approached University management concerned about their ability to meet the agreement’s terms around security after becoming aware of social media posts suggesting the event could lead to violence.

The University considered providing additional security for the event, but decided the risk of harm to students, staff and members of the public was too great, particularly at  time of heightened tension over the issues around free speech and hate speech.

I don’t go on about my past, but I will say this: I spent several years around university academics. They love their academic freedom. Many of them are right pricks about it.

They’re not stupid people. They know all the reasons why they’re granted that freedom, and they’re always looking to widen it and protect it.

Then, they use it to follow the herd. Never actually dare speak against orthodoxy. Even when we have madness like people who decide they will be “gender fluid”, and change sex daily depending on mood. I mean, there’s a lot of soft targets out there.

Well, now a VC at a New Zealand university has used her power to not only discourage a talk by someone she disagrees with, but to actively ban him on spurious grounds. That’s not just wrong, but actually the polar opposite of what should be her bound duty.

It’s like a WWII general, set to land at Normandy, turning around and invading England instead. This is that big a betrayal to the university. And by extension, all NZ universities.

There are times in the past where this would have caused riots. She’d have been physically dragged from her offices and publicly humiliated by a huge angry mob of students.

But no one’s going to do that tomorrow.

You’d be lucky to get half a dozen people with a small sign sitting outside her office.

We’ve had our rights too long. Things have worked for too long. We’ve neglected to teach our children why things are the way they are, because that’s something conservative and boring. Thinking up new ideas and utopias is much more fun, and using those to break down the social order.

I literally saw someone on Facebook today say that a whale being put down was the worst thing that happened today. An animal died, in the least painful way those present could manage. And she thought it was worse than anything else she could think of.

The day before, dozens of people were upset because a farm cow was sent to the freezing works after it attacked a person (they claimed, without evidence, that that person caused the incident). Upset at a farm cow being slaughtered! In New Zealand!

How utterly infantile.

Well, things still stand, for now.

Blowed if I can see how the’re going to get better.


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