Fact Checkers

I’m so old, I remember when fact checkers were respected by everyone.

Those days a long gone.

It was not a “border visit” by any stretch of the imagination any more than the drive home to North Carolina a friend and I took from New York City after 9/11 constituted a “visit” to Tennessee even though our alternative route took us to the northeastern tip of the state (we didn’t stop).

Nevertheless, Kessler did what fact-checkers at his news organization have been known for over the years: cover for Democrats the best way they can.

Instead of giving Biden four Pinocchios for what even Kessler acknowledged was not true (even though he didn’t use the actual words “not true”), Kessler proclaimed that because it was supposedly a “gotcha” question (really?) and that because Biden’s motorcade did “drive-by” the border that one time, he was going to leave the claim “unrated”:

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