Iran – Where Women’s Rights Rule!

As we all know, Iran is harmless. Their only fault is standing up to the USA, and having their president’s threat to wipe Israel off the map published in the international media. So the left should have no problem with this. NEW YORK — Without fanfare, the United Nations this week elected Iran to its… Continue reading Iran – Where Women’s Rights Rule!

Sudan and the UN

The UN was setup in the wake of WWII, with preventing genocide as one of it’s core aims. The situation in Sudan shows the farce that this is. The Government of Sudan is able to stop the UN moving in on it’s own In an unsigned letter this week, Sudan’s UN mission warned that any… Continue reading Sudan and the UN

So what DID Ahmadinejad say?

The media are silent: As of noon at ABC News, it is as if Ahmadinejad never spoke, as their was no reference to his address in front of the United Nations on their Web site’s front page, and is notably absent from the headlines of their political section as well. I had to search Google… Continue reading So what DID Ahmadinejad say?