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This is probably the most astute (yet simple) explanation of Liberal politics I’ve seen. HT: New Zeal

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I’m a leftist, so it was a “peaceful” punch officier

Aaron Worthing at Patterico posts on violence in American politics. The fact is the left is neck deep in hypocrisy on this.¬† Besides Gladney and the other woman attacked at the Paul-Conway debate, every time the G8 meets anywhere, there are violent protests to say the least, and just the other day the GOP HQ… Continue reading I’m a leftist, so it was a “peaceful” punch officier

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Media Beatup Successful

Well, looking at the comments on this CNN report it seems that the media have managed to succeed in their agenda. Timothy McVeigh returned from the gulf war, fell in with right-wing ideology and killed 168 patriotic Americans. Are all soldiers a threat? Of course not, but if we have another terrorist attack on US… Continue reading Media Beatup Successful

Nicky Hager

Hager’s submission is surprisingly short. But it includes this sentence: Also, the committee should recommend a small amount of extra public funding for election years to secure political support for the crucial ban on anonymous donations (over $250 or $500) and indirect donations. Is he actually suggesting that the government pay off other political parties… Continue reading Nicky Hager

Liberals are have better reflexes

If you’ve heard of the recent “study” that “proved” that liberals are smarter than Conservatives, here’s a good rebuttal. I especially like the conclusion: The conservative case against this study is easy to make. Sure, we’re fonder of old ways than you are. That’s in our definition. Some of our people are obtuse; so are… Continue reading Liberals are have better reflexes

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Why I’m on the Right

I was reading this article on MandM’s blog, and it really struck a chord. I’ve included the proceeding 2 paragraphs for context. We need to remember that kiwisaver is taxpayer funded. What does this mean? It means that kiwisaver works this way. Person P signs a contract with another person Q where Q agrees to… Continue reading Why I’m on the Right

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Who’s Hating Exactly?

Socialists crack me up. Who else would invite an MP accused of fraud to speak about “preachers of hate”, while having an explicit hate symbol in their own logo? Let me guess, they were infiltrated by capitalists who re-designed their logo while they weren’t looking? HT: TBR.CC