You Beauty

Just heard on TV that the Silver Ferns have won the gold. Ok, so I’m watching 3+1 so that happened an hour ago! Still, a fantastic achievement.

Congrats All Whites

Good on the All Whites for drawing against Italy. But it’s a pity people here are complaining about the ref – from what I’ve seen we were the beneficiaries of poor decision making, not the other way around. The All Whites took a shock lead after seven minutes when Shane Smeltz turned in Simon Elliot’s… Continue reading Congrats All Whites

Opening Ceremony – how to start the world cup by insulting your viewership

So, you’re up late the night the World Cup is due to start. So you stay up a bit later to view the spectacle. Coverage starts at 1am. So you turn the TV on at 1am. Martin Devlin comes on screen and says something like… Welcome to the coverage of the world cup. Well, these… Continue reading Opening Ceremony – how to start the world cup by insulting your viewership

Congrats Oracle

Well, Alinghi has been put in it’s place, thoroughly thrashed by Oracle’s better boat. It’s a pity the series was only best of 3. Due to the dispute, the “original rules” applied to the race. What this effectively meant (as decided after the ’88 mismatch) was “build the biggest, fastest boat you can – so… Continue reading Congrats Oracle

Fake Gymnastic Competitors

There’s a minimum age for competitors in Gymnastics of 16. This is intended to prevent children from being pushed into competition before they have matured properly. However, younger competitors are usually more flexible and have an advantage. The ABC looks at how China’s team are rather young looking 16 year olds. It looks like because… Continue reading Fake Gymnastic Competitors

Olympic Torch in Australia

From what I’ve seen on the news, the Olympic torch passed peacefully through Canberra. 10,000 Chinese turned up to oppose any pro-Tibetan independence protests. I’ve heard they were students. Well, 10,000 students’ just don’t wake up one day and decide to do something like that. There has to be organization, and it would appear that… Continue reading Olympic Torch in Australia

Biking to Work

Biking can be dangerous. I used to bike some time ago, and the roads were quite dangerous then. But since I stopped, I naturally assumed that things had gotten better. Apparently not. I have to say, some of what’s on this doesn’t really phase me. I also wonder how much might be avoided by being… Continue reading Biking to Work