The problem is evil.

Hogewash posted this quote from Andrew Klavan, and I’m stealing it. To suggest you have the solution to the eternal problem of evil in the form of addressing your pet peeve or of blaming and attacking your political opponents is disgraceful. It is to use the bodies of the slain for a soap box. It… Continue reading The problem is evil.


From Instapundit A federal judge’s case dismissal is getting some attention because of an apparent note-to-self that didn’t get removed from the published order. The writer was apparently dissatisfied with a statement summarizing the requirements for a false advertising claim. The parenthetical on page 11 reads: “(Meh I need a better rule statement than this.)”.… Continue reading “CITE USUAL CRAP HERE”

Sowell on the welfare stat

"The welfare state is the greatest confidence racket of all time. The government takes your money in taxes and then turns around and spends some of it to give you things. For this, you feel dependent on them, when in fact they are dependent on you." — Thomas Sowell (@ThomasSowell) August 28, 2018

Americans think 25% of them are gay

Offsetting Behaviour has a post about a curious phenomenon. Americans surveyed in 2011 substantially overestimated the proportion of Americans identifying as homosexual. Where most estimates reckon about 3.5% of the population are homosexual, Americans surveyed thought that somewhere between 20-25% of the population are gay or lesbian. The numbers are bizarrely high, for all groups. It’s all very… Continue reading Americans think 25% of them are gay

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Quote of the day – protect what?

Witness the absurdity that is the liberal agenda. We pediatricians are being inundated with permission slips all day long. My paperwork has doubled over the last ten years in no small part because of idiotic school rules requiring parents and docs to sign off on virtually every common sense OTC item. They range from Tylenol… Continue reading Quote of the day – protect what?

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Habits of the Rich

I find the terms “rich” and “poor” to be mostly political terms, but there’s no doubt there are some habits here we could all consider fostering. 1. 70% of wealthy eat less than 300 junk food calories per day. 97% of poor people eat more than 300 junk food calories per day. 23% of wealthy… Continue reading Habits of the Rich

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Obesity Epidemic – In Animals

One of the great things about bloggins is that you get to circulate things that are just straight out of left-field, and screw up all sorts of pre-existing notions. Like this one. Consider, for example, this troublesome fact, reported in 2010 by the biostatistician David B Allison and his co-authors at the University of Alabama… Continue reading Obesity Epidemic – In Animals