Bureaucrat bites back

On a certain blog, a “guest” wrote about how offended he was when John Key said… The Prime Minister said Brownlee had been given the task of overseeing the recovery because he could “knock heads together” and sweep away bureaucratic roadblocks. The response was along the lines of “how dare that ****** criticise these people… Continue reading Bureaucrat bites back

Dithering Jim Pays

Jim Anderton coudn’t decide if being mayor of a major city hit by a major earthquake was a full-time job. His lack of clarity has cost him dearly. There has been a dramatic turnaround in the race for the Christchurch mayoralty since the Canterbury earthquake. A UMR Research Poll released today shows 55 per cent… Continue reading Dithering Jim Pays

Chin v Cull

On National Radio this morning they had the top two mayoral candidates for Dunedin. While Mr Cull gave a good speech, Chin did very, very badly in his opening statement. I’ve no idea what the feeling is around Dunedin, but that stammering performance has lost the incumbent a lot of votes.

“The disaster makes Mr Anderton’s position now look nonsensical.”

The other day, DPF posted on Jim Anderton, and how his idea of being a part time mayor was a bad idea. Unfortunately the title got in the way of the message. Today, he’s quoting the Timaru Herald, which does a much better job. Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker’s leadership has been flawless. His political arch… Continue reading “The disaster makes Mr Anderton’s position now look nonsensical.”

Councils Promoting Elections

Saw this in the news today. A Dunedin City Council advertisement about council services has been ordered off air after a complaint by “outraged” councillors. Several councillors had objected to the radio advertisement which featured a family debating the upcoming October elections and suggesting anyone unhappy with the Forsyth Barr stadium or inner-city parking should… Continue reading Councils Promoting Elections

Elected OUSA President Thrown Out – Owned Computer

Jo Moore ran for OUSA president this year as an outsider. She won. Her election has now been overturned, and politics as usual can now resume – phew! Otago University Students Association president-elect Jo Moore was “gutted” and experienced a “huge shock” when told yesterday she had been disqualified for the 2009 association presidency. Miss… Continue reading Elected OUSA President Thrown Out – Owned Computer

Wayne Brown, the untold story

It appears the Wayne Brown, the mayor of mayors, is a bully. What’s he done, that wonderful man who told his council to serve the people? What? Um, he told them to serve the people. The Public Service Association has accused Far North Mayor Wayne Brown of “insulting and threatening’ its members in his maiden… Continue reading Wayne Brown, the untold story

Who said this?

Heard on Morning Report this morning. Only a council bureaucrat could come up with tripe like this! Q – …it’s only twelve caravans isn’t it, to stay there? A – Um, Corin, we believe and, and the, uh, preferred operators also believe, but I have to stress that this is a matter between council and,… Continue reading Who said this?