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Breaking all the Rules

You can read the Arms Code here.

The 7 key rules are:

1. Treat every firearm as loaded

And something that can kill.

2. Always point firearms in a safe direction

An occupied camp ground is generally not regarded as a safe direction

3. Load a firearm only when ready to fire

I.e. when you come to a place where it’s legal to shoot and you can see a legitimate target

4. Identify your target beyond all doubt

If you you afterward discover your target was actually a person, it’s too late to say sorry.

5. Check your firing zone

Again, things like camping grounds should be considered here.

6. Store firearms and ammunition safely

Away from morons.

7. Avoid alcohol or drugs when handling firearms

Who knows, but I’d hardly be surprised.

In case we all need reminding.

The Lower Hutt school teacher shot dead when a hunter moronallegedly mistook her for a targetshot at something that moved is to be farewelled in a funeral service today.Rosemary Margaret Ives, 25, was on a camping holiday near Turangi when she was shot on Friday night by a hunter moron who allegedly mistook her for a deer or possumgot trigger happy while spotlighting illegally shooting from a vehicle on a public road.

If one good does come out of this tragedy, it’ll be that a new generation of yahoos have a story that demonstrates that guns are not toys and should be treated with the utmost respect.


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