Oh, was that really a red light officer?

This really annoys me.

The Dunedin South MP appeared at Parliamentary questions this afternoon wearing the team’s old blue, gold and maroon kit in protest at the new lime green colour.

Highlanders management controversially announced last week the team would wear a green stripe from next season.

Speaker Lockwood Smith declared the shirt violated Parliament’s strict dress codes and ordered Curran to leave.

Parliament’s dress code dictates male members must wear a tie or jacket buttoned up to the neck. Women must wear ”normal business attire” however there is no specific detail on what is allowed.

Not because she wore the shirt. That was a stupid stunt.

No, it’s the utterly fake outrage in quotes like this:

Labour MP Clare Curran says she was surprised to be thrown out of the House for wearing a Highlanders’ rugby shirt and believes it was an “over reaction” from Speaker Lockwood Smith.

“I certainly never expected to be thrown out of the House for being a woman wearing a football shirt. I think it was an over reaction.”

She said she was surprised and would consider whether she would change and return to Parliament this afternoon.

If she’s surprised that a rugby shirt wasn’t suitable attire, then she’s going to be surprised by a lot of things in life.

Reality is that she knew full well that she was well outside the rules (especially given how prescriptive they are for men who must wear suits). How could it not be! Yet she’s so full of outrage, as is Metiria Turei. Mind you, seeing Turei on Campbell live tonight, one is inclined to believe hers might be real…

Oh, and they’re claiming sexism on this. Really.

No, I can’t believe it either.

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