Obama Wins

Well, Obama has won.

I do not think he deserved it, nor do I think the American people made an informed decision but I do respect that decision and hope he tries in his second term to meet the expectations he so grandly outlined and so utterly failed to even try to meet in his first.

That does not seem to be too much to ask.

Sadly for him he is probably going to be impeached in the not too distant future. If the reports about Benghazi are true, he is going to have much the same experience that Nixon had, with constant hounding, investigations and a choice between fighting for his job and resignation. But unlike Watergate, he must look families in the eye and explain why their loved ones are dead.

In many ways, he would have been better off just taking the one term. Certainly it’s going to be hard to watch him take his second oath of office knowing he broke his first so casually.

The Republicans have to have a long hard look at themselves. Twice they have nominated a “moderate” candidate and twice the Democrats have succeeded in convincing large parts of the electorate that that man is a radical. They have a lot of good people, but they need to reconnect with America if they hope to make headway at the presidential level. The good news is that they have won the house again (which is a win for the Tea Party) but failing to win the senate with so many Democratic seats up for grabs is a stinging loss.

The media also have significant problems. They are increasingly losing the trust of the public, and ostracizing themselves from major portions of the population. One of the most disturbing aspects of this campaign was the way that previously respected “fact checking” organisations made partisan calls. This is  sad, as these organisations’ integrity had previously made them valuable additions to the public discourse.

But again, I congratulate Barack Obama on his win. There are significant risks in the next few years. It is my most sincere hope that America has made the right choice this time but I have grave fears that they have not.


  1. I don’t know as much as you about American politics but from my perspective the Republicans did make a fine choice with Romney. I think he should be President in four years. People seem to be making a lot of fun and taking a lot of their feelings out on outspoken political observers such as Donald Trump, but I think their rage is misplaced. They are defending Obama’s re-election so vigorously because they know deep down that he should be toast.

    1. Hm, I’m a bit more generous – I actually think they just like winning!

      Though I do think that Obama himself was pretty surprised to be reelected, there were a while lot of things that were working against him and not much for.

      The general impression of myself and others was that Romney impressed the more we saw of him. All candidates are a compromise, so I’m not trying to stick the boot in in that regard. He did do well, just fell a little short.

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